Our recently installed building allows us to manufacture and produce our own metal, officially known as C-Lok, which provides additional value and benefits to you as a customer or a preferred contractor.

We are proud to partner with Sherwin Williams on this in-house initiative, providing 20 in-stock color choices.
Additionally, our C-Lok panels are more cost effective to you as a customer due to manufacturing on-site.  Our C-Lok panels are a consistent, 29-guage quality.  We guarantee that “men who work on the roof can tell the difference!”

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g-rib sketch

C-Lok Features:

  • Consistent 29 gauge quality
  • Choose from 20 in-stock flat, textured and metallic color choices featuring Sherwin-Williams and Weather XL
  • 36″ coverage
  • 9″ rib spacing
  • ¾” rib height
  • Cut to the ½” inch

Although C-Lok style panels are most commonly used for roofing, they also can be great for siding.  View our Project Gallery for building and home improvement projects utilizing C-Lok metal panels.